Update! June 10th Council Meeting


Here is what I talked about at the Bellevue City Council meeting Monday June 10, 2012.

I reminded people that my website is www.chuckfredrick.com.  I ask them to keep looking at the website until after the election this fall.

I also said that 5 minutes is not enough time for me to talk about all the things I would like to talk about.  Because of that I’m willing to talk to any civic organization or any other group that would like to get an honest perspective about what is happening.  Please e-mail me at chuckfredrick34@msn.com.

I wasn’t at the May 29th city council meeting, but both Dave Compton and Jim Moudry spoke.  Dave Compton said that the mayor, city council, city attorney, and other city officials deserve to be treated with respect.  This is true, but just as important is that the city council should treat the speakers with respect.

Jim Moudry has spoken at a few meetings and has made good comments and suggestions.  I don’t know that anyone from the council has ever responded to him sometime after the meetings.

I feel that I have not gotten any respect either.  I have spoken about 90 times since May of 2008 and not  one councilperson or the mayor or city administrator has ever called me about my suggestions or comments.

I have many examples.  Just look at the minutes on www.bellevue.net).  But now I only have time for one.  I talked to the council many times about doing a current balance sheet.  Not just one per year.  Nobody seems to know how important this is.  You can’t run a business or any city properly without having current balance sheets.

When Rita Sanders ran for mayor she campaigned that she was going to run the city as a business.   She’s not doing that.  About a year ago I finally got the finance director, Rick Severson, to give me a balance sheet.  I gave copies to the city council, mayor, and city administrator.  You know what, the balance sheet didn’t balance and I told them so, but did they do anything about it? No!

Because they did nothing, and for their many other fiscally irresponsible acts, I feel we need to make some vital changes at this fall’s election.  I said we need to not elect any of the incumbents that are running for re-election.  That would be Carol Blood, Scott Houghtaling, and Don Preister.  I’ll give you a lot more reasons on my website at a later time.

Mr Fred Nemitz has stated at a a city council meeting that he’s gong to attempt to recall Steve Knutson.  If the recall is successful, it could be possible to have 5 new councilpeople.  I believe this would be a good thing.

Chuck Fredrick

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