Troutman Incident at City Council Meeting


Police report

I’m filing this police report against Gary Troutman, the Bellevue city administrator. His actions against me were very threatening. This occurred just after the City Council meeting Monday, July 26, inside the city council room. I had just finished speaking to the city council during the public forum section. The meeting was them adjourned (about 7:30 pm) and I was standing in the aisle about 10 feet from the podium. I was waiting to speak to someone when all of the sudden Mr. Troutman was in my face (about 2 inches apart). He was speaking loudly about how I didn’t have my facts right about the method that Mr. Severson, now out acting finance director, was hired. I told him to get out of my face and that his breath smelled. I stepped back a couple of steps, but he followed me so was again about 2 inches from my face. At that time I yelled for the police officer for help. Captain Evers was at the podium with his back to us. By the time Capt. Evers approached us, Mr. Troutman had backed away. I tried to explain what had happened. Capt. Evers said it wasn’t illegal. I do believe that if Capt. Evers had seen the situation from the beginning, Mr. Troutman would have been restrained. I guess I wonder what would happen if I came up to a police officer and got 2 inches from his face, and started to speak loudly about something he said.

Mr. Troutman’s actions were threatening and I’m sure he was hoping that I would push him away when he was so close to my face. That would certainly be the normal reaction for many people. I’m too smart to do that. He certainly was trying to intimidate me, which he did not accomplish.

Also by approaching me in this hostile manner, he thought I might back down from what I said in the meeting. Just the opposite, I’ll stand by everything I said. In the new City of Bellevue Employee Policy Manual there is in Sections, Discipline- Causes for Disciplinary Action Part B under #11, which is discourtesy to the public and under #15, which is conduct detrimental to the reputation of the city government. Mr. Troutman violated the abouve two and disciplinary action should be taken against him.

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