Nov 13th Meeting

City Council Meeting

Nov 13th, 2007

From the meeting minutes:

Mr. Chuck Fredrick stated that he still feels that we need a full-time City Attorney but he suggested that some changes be made in the proposed City Attorney’s contract. The original contract proposed by Mr. Sullivan provided for a one year term. The contract was reviewed by Mr. Mike McClellan who suggested that the contract term be the same as the term of the mayor. Mr. Fredrick suggested that the term be made through the date of the next election. The contract with the former city attorney provided for a minimum of thirteen hours per week before additional charges were assessed. The proposed contract makes no provisions for an amount of time required before additional charges are assessed. The additional fees will be charged for extraordinary or non-routine legal services performed for the city. The examples of extraordinary or non-routine services appear to be duties of a city attorney and should not be considered extraordinary or non-routine. These services should be better defined. The contract provides that the city attorney can proceed with a service upon the approval of either the City Administrator or the Mayor. He suggested that the approval of both parties be required. He suggested that the public should be able to see the number of hours the city is being charged for service. This should be a part of the monthly finance report. The former city attorney was given city funds to purchase books. He feels that these should be turned over to the new city attorney.