Commentary on September 8th City Council Meeting

Sept 23, 2012

Some really interesting things took place at the September 8th city council meeting. I spoke twice, one at the second reading of the budget for 2012-2013. The other time was at the end of the meeting when there is public request to be heard.

I was the only person to ask questions about the budget. I was not really satisfied with all the answers that our finance director, Rick Serverson, gave. The real eye opener was when I asked him why he doesn’t have a current balance sheet. His answer was “no comment”. Do we really want a finance director who won’t give a current balance sheet. It’s hard to believe that the mayor, city administrator, or anyone on the council would not demand one.

I called the city of Seward where our city administrator, Mr. Berlowitz, served for over 20 years. They said they have been doing a monthly balance sheet for over 40 years. They said that their auditor suggested doing it.

I recall when our mayor RIta Sanders campaigned that she was going to run the city of Bellevue like a business. I don’t know of any successful business that doesn’t produce a balance sheet at least once a month.

It was also eye opening when I spoke during my 5 minutes at the end of the meeting. I said that it’s time the council had a code of conduct as to how they treat the speakers that come to the podium. Councilman Steve Knutson disrespected me at the Sept 3rd meeting. He admitted to laughing at one of my statements about Cash Flow Billing. My figures are correct and Mr. Knutson should instead of laughing, maybe do his job as a councilman. It’s too bad he’s not running for reelection now, because we could replace him along with Carol Blood, Scott Houghtaling and Don Preister.

He voted with the above three to take away the ambulance billing from Cash Flow Billing and give it to the Fire Department. That vote cost the city at least 1.5 million dollar income during the last 3 years.

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