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Free Shredding Days

10/04/09 Free Shredding Days Twice at City Council meetings I have presented the City Council, Mayor and City Administrator with..

Misuse of City Funds

Feb 3, 2008 To Ed Babbitt Mayor of Bellevue Mayor Babbitt, I am handing you this letter in person so..

Council Stifles Free Speech

Submitted to the Omaha World Herald and the Bellevue Leader on October 18, 2007. At the last Bellevue City Council..

Follow Up

Sept 3, 2007 A copy of my Aug 21st letter was given to each councilperson at the Aug 27th council meeting before..

Worth Watching

Aug 21st 2007 This is the short version on my observations about the Bellevue City Council meeting on Monday Aug13, 2007…

Bellevue vs. Grand Island

March 18, 2007 Bellevue vs Grand Island We may have beaten out Grand Island in population count to become the..

Secret Meeting

Part of this letter was printed by the Omaha World Herald March 10,2007. The entire letter was printed by the..

Crucial Appointment

Jan 1- 07 This letter was printed in the Omaha World Herald on Saturday January 6, 2007 in the ‘Public..

Mayor is on the Hot Seat

Friday, Dec. 9th, the World-Herald had an article about Bellevue Mayor Jerry Ryan’s concern with global warming. The warming he..