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August 10 Public Request to Be Heard

June 2015 City Council Meeting

Two women city employees with a total of 50 years have not got a raise in 6 years. Everybody and..

May 26 City Council Meeting Minutes

Comments at Budget Meeting

This is what I said at the budget meeting: Mr. Chuck Fredrick, 1511 Madison Street, stated “this budget is a joke. We..

Commentary on September 8th City Council Meeting

Sept 23, 2012 Some really interesting things took place at the September 8th city council meeting. I spoke twice, one..

Update! June 10th Council Meeting

6-18-12 Here is what I talked about at the Bellevue City Council meeting Monday June 10, 2012. I reminded people..

Troutman Incident at City Council Meeting

7-26-10 Police report I’m filing this police report against Gary Troutman, the Bellevue city administrator. His actions against me were..

Summary of All Remarks at Council Meetings Since April 2008

Mr. Chuck Fredrick stated that for two or more years the City was recording telephone calls to and from City..

Comments on Budget

My name is Chuck Fredrick, I live at 1511 Madison St., and I certainly agree with Mr. Becker. I think..

Misuse of City Funds

Feb 3, 2008 To Ed Babbitt Mayor of Bellevue Mayor Babbitt, I am handing you this letter in person so..