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My answers for the Bellevue Leader’s questions for the candidates

The Bellevue Leader has asked the three mayoral candidates to answer three questions. Question 1- Why are you the best..

About my campaign cards

I pass out cards to encourage people to vote for me. This is what my cards look like: I NEED..

How Can You Help Me Win the Primary?

Number One- you must vote on May 11th Number Two- you must encourage your relatives, friends, and neighbors to vote..

My answers to the 2010 Voter’s Information questionnaire

1. Please look at my website¬† I’m the only candidate who has been on the Bellevue City Council, the only..

My Previous Campaign Flyer

Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Chuck Fredrick for Mayor

Only candidate that has been involved in Bellevue city government for the last 12 years Only candidate that will replace..