Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Chuck Fredrick for Mayor

  1. Only candidate that has been involved in Bellevue city government for the last 12 years
  2. Only candidate that will replace the current city administrator- Gary Troutman
  3. Only candidate to serve on the Bellevue city council (2000-2004) never missing a single meeting
  4. Only candidate to appear at the city council meeting opposing the raise for the city council members
  5. Only candidate that regularly attends the precouncil and the council meetings
  6. Only candidate to announce his candidacy for mayor at a city council meeting (June 22, 2008) before Mayor Babbitt died
  7. Only candidate not trying to buy your vote
  8. Only candidate not just using sound bites and platitudes to get your vote
  9. Only candidate to get public forum on the city council agenda so that anyone can address the city council for 5 minutes at a council meeting
  10. Last reason- #1- my involvement over the last 12 years. I know what’s wrong and I can fix it