My answers to the 2010 Voter’s Information questionnaire


Please look at my website

I’m the only candidate who has been on the Bellevue City Council, the only candidate who has been involved in Bellevue city government for the last 15 years and the only candidate who was on the city council for four years without missing a meeting. I took my elected position very seriously.

I’m the only candidate that publicly announced at a city council meeting that I was a candidate for Bellevue city mayor. I also said I would be replacing the city administrator, Gary Troutman, the city attorney Pat Sullivan who is contracted by the city and replace him with a full-time city employed city attorney, and the city treasurer, John Collins. The city is broken, and with my new appointments it can be fixed.

My campaign is really grass roots. I’ll be spending very little of my own money and I am not asking for donations, or having any fund raisers. I had cards printed up, I have a “Chuck Fredrick for Mayor” T-shirt and sweatshirt, and magnetics for my car. If you want to purchase any of these items, my website will tell you how.


City government has been broken for a number of years. I know the public realizes that there have to be some major changes. I’m the only candidate who has stated what changes are needed. I am the only candidate who is willing to fight the good old boys mentality in Bellevue. The only mayor appointee I’m keeping is Kay Dammast, our city clerk. She is doing a great job! With the new appointments we will cut wasteful spending of our tax dollars, raise the morale of city employees, which I think is at an all-time low, and reduce the excessive number of law suits against the city of Bellevue. I have already given ideas at city council meetings to help attract new businesses to Bellevue, ideas that have fallen on deaf ears.


First, I have been involved with Bellevue city government for over the last 15 years, and I am very much aware of how the city is broken.

Because of this awareness, I know who has to be replaced and what has to be done to catch up to Papillion and LaVista.

Second, I have proven that one person can make a difference. Before I was elected to city council, I was able to have the council eliminate the Sarpy County Specialist, a position the city was paying for needlessly. I’ll try again to have Bellevue recognized as an “All American City.” I was able to get the city to use our motto “Birthplace of Nebraska”. I was able to get the city to buy 500 “Keep Kids Alive” signs while on the council and 100 more after being off the council. Last year I was able to get public forum on the agenda so anyone could have 5 minutes to say whatever was on their minds at all city council meetings. You can look on my website and see the number of times I have spoken and what I spoke about.

And last but not least, I have a vision for Bellevue. I want Bellevue to be known not only as the 1st city of Nebraska, but also the 1st city for business and residency.


Cut wasteful spending. Bellevue has wasted a lot of your tax dollars.

Number 1 is to get the right people appointed to run the city efficiently. At the same we need to attract new businesses to Bellevue. We have to zone properly to accomplish this. Our tax base has to be increased.


We are way behind the other cities in Sarpy County. We need an additional library in southwest Bellevue. Our head librarian Lupe is doing a great job, but he has not had the support of the administration and the elected officials that he should have had. That will change once I’m mayor. We will get that second library ASAP.


Ensure all city laws and regulations are enforced fairly to everyone.


I’m against the government getting money from gambling. Government would be much better off concentrating on encouraging growth in business which would increase jobs and our tax base.




If my viewpoint was made public I will publicly tell my changed viewpoint via city council meeting, city website and media.


I feel my personal life has a great effect on my political performance. When I was on the city council for four years I never had anyone approach me to change my vote by giving me any monetary incentive. They knew I couldn’t be bought.




I’m pro-life. The unborn have the right to live. I go to a Bible-based church and I know God loves the unborn and wants them to live.


I voted for the person who I thought would best keep us strong on defense. The one who will keep government from growing. The one who will make jobs a priority and the one that reduces taxes and lowers our national debt.