My answers for the Bellevue Leader’s questions for the candidates

The Bellevue Leader has asked the three mayoral candidates to answer three questions.

Question 1- Why are you the best person to lead the city of Bellevue?

    I am the candidate who’s been the most involved in city government (23 years), attending city council meetings two years before I became the city councilman in Ward One, and speaking over 130 times at city council meetings since May 2008. I know how the city has been mismanaged and I know how to fix it. We need new leadership and that is why I am appointing a new city administrator, a new city treasurer and replacing our contracted city attorney with a full-time city-employed attorney. I know where some of the skeletons are hidden in the closets. All of the candidates are registered Republicans. I am pro-life and the only one endorsed by the Nebraska United for Life. Please study my website and look at

Question 2- What are the principal obstacles to Bellevue’s progress?

Taxes. The city raised the taxes this year and are raising them again next year. I believe we have the second highest mill levy in the state. We have to lower taxes so businesses will move into Bellevue instead of moving out. The city won’t do a monthly balance sheet , so now we can’t figure where the money is and how they are spending it. The city has to work with the Chamber of Commerce to help attract new businesses to move here. We need to show the prospects that we care about our residents and they come first. That means getting the swimming pools maintained properly, getting a splash pad in Everett park ASAP, opening the library back on Sundays and taking immediate action for an additional library in southwest Bellevue. I am just tired of talking and no action and so are the people of Bellevue.

Question 3- How do you hope your mayoralty will be remembered?

I hope to be remembered as the mayor who sided with the residents and not those special interest groups that have and still want to run the city for their interest. How has that worked so far? I don’t do business with the city and neither I nor my spouse are land developers. I want to be remembered as the mayor who lowered taxes, one who helped get our finances in shape, and also remembered as the mayor who brought transparency back, which is something we don’t have now. I want to be remembered as the mayor who really did a great job with my appointments, selecting people who are qualified and have great integrity that really want to do what’s best for the city. Also remembered as the mayor who brought new businesses that increased our tax base.