Andrew Foray Bio

The truth about Complete Streets

Some reading material According to the Complete Streets Movement our streets won’t be “complete” until cars are eliminated entirely !!! Phase I calls for..

2018-2019 Bellevue Fire and Rescue Dept. budget

What my last campaign card said

Chuck Fredrick for Mayor of BellevueIntegrity and TransparencyI need your voteWith our taxes raised this year and again next year,..

Endorsing Dori Heath for District Court Clerk

I have lots to tell you, but a lot will have to wait until after the primary. I will comment..

Trying to Revoke Public Request to be Heard

I have been informed that at the next city council meeting on May 14 the city administrator, Joe Mangiamelli, is..

Pat Shannon’s Letter

Aspiring autocrats often point to some generic power that they have been granted in an attempt to justify their pretense..

Numbers on the 290 Acres purchased by the city